The NZNDTA Inc represents the interests of New Zealand non-destructive testing practitioners nationally as well as internationally.

The NZNDTA Incorporated management committee, administers the functions of the Association and consists of:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Honorary Secretary/Treasurer (Executive Officer)
  • a committee of not less than three (3) other members.

The NZNDTA also have an MOU  confirmed with a Certificate of professional cooperation with the AINDT and work closely with them on harmonization of NDT certification internationally through membership of the IAEA RCA group.

     NZNDTA Inc membership consists of personal members as well as corporate members.

    The NZNDTA:

    • has country representation voting rights within the structure of the International Committee of NDT (ICNDT) and contributes to this organization, wherever possible.
    • With NZ being part of the Asia Pacific region we also form part of the Asia Pacific Federation for NDT (APFNDT). NZNDTA participates in and contributes to, the activities of the APFNDT.
    • has country representation on the International (ISO TC135 and TC 44) and National Standards (MT007 and WD003) Committees.
    • has country representation on the NANDTBA (National Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing Board of Australia) as a “Non-voting Observer member”. (However, we may provide relevant input to the Board to assist its deliberations).


    2nd European NDT& CM Days

    Czech Society for Non-destructive testing – ENDT & CM Days 2021 (

    Will be held on October 04-08, 2021 in Prague, Czech Republic.

    This event will be in a hybrid format (virtual and present) if possible. More information can be found here.


    18-21 OCTOBER 2021

    The Russian Industrial Week 2021 will bring together over 29,000 specialists. Over 500 companies will take part in the event on more than 28,000 square metres. The synergy of themes, expositions and business programmes will make the event a unique space for learning about technologies, discussing industry challenges, expanding the circle of customers and useful contacts.

    Find more information here

    Upcoming Conferences:

    20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing(WCNDT 2020)
    May 31 – June 4, 2021 (Postponed)

    Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea


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